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New Gym and Garage in Highgate


Originally conceived as a new garage building to house the client’s two prized sports cars, but subsequently reconfigured to a new gym and garage in Highgate, North London; the building’s form is directly influenced by the site and it’s immediate context: the form of the building adheres closely to the boundaries on either side, the resulting quadrilateral form has been given an additional fold along it’s longest edge in order to avoid uproot- ing a fine, semi-mature alder tree during the new construction. The material choices are also influenced by the surrounding urban woodland setting: the predominant cladding material is a cedar rainscreen, which envelopes the building’s sides and roof, creating a practically seamless box when viewed from outwith the site, this box opens up dramatically towards the client’s garden with large frameless glass panels giving a visual connection between the interior of the gym and the expansive garden beyond.

All photographs: Andy Spain @meltintoair

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